10 Things You Didn’t Know About E-Bikes

10 Things to Know About an E-Bike

E-bikes are becoming popular throughout the world. Easy to ride, efficient, stylish, and exciting, e-bikes appeal to everyone from the casual cyclist to the dedicated commuter or competitive rider. Despite their growing popularity, though, lots of people still don’t know much about e-bikes, and why they’re such a unique breed. This article is here to shine a light on these fun cycles.

10 Things You Need to Know About E-Bikes

From their efficiency to their riding style, here are ten big things every bicyclist needs to know about e-bikes:

1. It’s Possible to Convert a Standard Bike to an E-Bike

If you want to ride an e-bike, you don’t necessarily have to purchase one from the store. Instead, you could just convert your existing bike into an e-bike. Not only is this possible, but it’s also popular! Today, about 52% of people who ride electric bikes converted their standard bikes into an e-bike model.

While the pre-conversion bike was most commonly a mountain bike, it’s possible to add a battery and motor to virtually any type of bike out there. Here’s a video to demonstrate the process:

2. Converting an E-Bike is Usually Cheaper Than Buying One

Think turning a standard bike into an e-bike sounds fun? It is, but it could also be less expensive than purchasing a standard electric bicycle. Experts report that it’s typically possible to convert a standard bike to an e-bike for $1,500 or less, which is commonly less than the price of purchasing an e-bike brand new.

Experts report that it’s typically possible to convert a standard bike to an e-bike for $1,500 or less, which is commonly less than the price of purchasing an e-bike brand new.

While this conversion does take some skill, it’s something most people can learn to do with a bit of additional education.

3. E-Bikes Are Good at Replacing Cars

Individuals who shy away from giving up their cars in favor of bicycles usually do so because they worry about a lack of power and speed. With e-bikes, though, this isn’t an issue. Because e-bikes come with batteries and motors, they’re more comparable to cars than most people think.

While it’s true they won’t cruise down the highway the same way; e-bikes have the power to blaze up hills, get you to work quickly, and make running errands a snap! Here’s a video to demonstrate the speed of e-bikes:

4. E-Bikes Increase Biking Frequency

While only 55% of bikers ride their standard bikes daily or weekly, a whopping 93% of e-bike riders ride their bikes daily. This goes to show that e-bikes are great for health, wellbeing, carbon reduction, and more!

People who don’t ride their bikes as much as they wish they did can benefit from purchasing an e-bike. When zipping around town is fun, people are more likely to do it!

5. E-Bikes Can be Heavy

While they’re easy to ride, easy to convert, and excellent at replacing cars, e-bikes can be heavier than standard bikes. This is because they include many additional components, including batteries, motors, and electrical connections.

6. Electric Bikes Are Less Expensive Than Vehicles

While vehicles cost an average of $0.71 per mile, an electric bike only costs about $0.05 per mile. This represents huge savings for people who ditch their cars and start commuting on electric bikes and makes electric bikes more attractive than they’ve ever been before.

What’s more, since electric bikes can travel an average of 20-50 miles on a single battery charge, they’re a fantastic option for commuters who want to save money and go green in the process.

7. Electric Bikes are Energy-Efficient

Today, people who ride an electric bike can be proud knowing how much they’re doing for fuel economy. In fact, when an electric bike is measured the same way as a car, they get an average of 1,000 miles per gallon. How’s that for fuel efficiency and energy consumption levels you can feel good about?

Here’s an infographic from Leed Bicyclology to demonstrate the point further:

E-bike fact infographic


8. Electric Bikes are Still a Good Workout

While lots of people worry that riding an electric bike will destroy their daily exercise, the fact is that an electric bike will still allow you to pedal your way around. Many electric bike models allow battery power to be turned on and off while riding, which lets you pedal manually any time you choose.

Even if that isn’t the case, a good electric bike still allows pedaling; only you’ll go much faster when you do!

9. Electric Bikes are Good for All Riders

While some people assume that only urban commuters purchase electric bikes, the truth is that they appeal to all bicyclists, including leisure riders, bicycle hire companies, everyday cyclists, and people who only ride for fun.

Thanks to the built-in functionality of motors, batteries, and pedaling assistance, electric bikes are good for individuals who are intimidated to enter the biking community, or who doubt their abilities.

10. Western Europe Has More Electric Bikes Than Virtually Any Other Market

While China leads the world in electric bicycle sales, Western Europe sold nearly 1.2 million bike units in 2014, and that number is projected to increase to more than 3.3 million units by the year 2023. This is a good metric by which to judge the popularity of electric bikes and their use around the world.

Aside from Western Europe, markets like the U.S. and China have increased their electric bike production, as well, and residents in those countries have seen the rates of electric bike use grow in recent years.

The Case for Electric Bikes

While electric bikes are becoming more popular, they remain an unknown entity to many people around the world. Luckily, these ten facts are a great place to start educating yourself and understanding why electric bikes are so popular around the world.

If you’re interested in purchasing an electric bike, check out our buying guides to learn more about the difference between hybrid bikes and electric bikes, and to start getting an idea of which type of bike you want.

Electric bikes aren’t just for commuters or people who want to reduce their carbon footprint, anymore. Ideal for making daily riding more enjoyable, exciting, and efficient, electric bikes are fantastic for everyday riders of all shapes and sizes. Have any other questions about e-bikes or their functionality? Let us know in the comments below!

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