10 Smart Ways to Maintain an E-Bike Like a Professional

10 Smart Ways to Maintain an E-Bike Like a ProfessionalIf you’re one of the many people who wonders what type of service is needed to maintain an e-bike, you’re not alone!

While e-bikes are a great addition to your at-home bike lineup, they can be a little more complex than your standard road bike. Luckily, they’re far from impossible to maintain, and the more attention you pay to take care of your bike, the further it will take you.

Luckily, they’re far from impossible to maintain, and the more attention you pay to take care of your bike, the further it will take you.

10 Professional-Level Ways to Maintain an e-Bike

Whether you’re a commuter, leisure rider, or even a competitive cyclist, these ten maintenance tips will help you keep your bike in excellent working order:

1. Keep it Clean

Washing a bicycle with a hose


All bikes run better when they’re clean, and this is true for e-bikes, as well. Over time, even small particles of dirt, dust, and grime can work their way into your bike’s moving parts and create friction that causes corrosion, rust, and breakdown.

Every time you ride your bike, wash it afterward. Fill a bucket with warm water and a mild detergent, like Dawn dish soap, and use a sponge to wipe the bike’s frame and moving parts. Once you’re finished soaping it, rinse it clean with a garden hose. Be careful to avoid spraying your bike’s electrical components directly.

Once you’re finished soaping it, rinse it clean with a garden hose. Be careful to avoid spraying your bike’s electrical components directly.

2. Grease Your Bearings

Greasing wheel bearings for a bike


Bike wheel bearings help your wheel roll smoothly and efficiently. While bike wheel bearings come greased, that grease wears out after time and must be replaced from time to time. Luckily, greasing your wheel bearings is simple.

All you need to do is remove your front wheel, remove the nut, loosen the end piece, remove the cone, and pull the axle out of the hub.

Once you’ve disassembled the hub, remove the bearings, grease them with a bike-specific bearing grease, and reassemble the wheel.

Here’s a video to break it down for you:

3. Oil the Chain

Chain lubricant for a bike

Just like the wheel bearings, your bike chain plays a significant role in helping the bike roll smoothly and efficiently.

A well-lubricated bike chain also makes your bike easier to pedal. To keep your chain in excellent condition, oil it regularly.

Lubricating your bike chain is a simple process, and you can learn more about it in our blog post on the topic.

4. Check Your Tire Pressure

Checking the tire pressure for a bike


Adequately inflated tires ensure your bike rolls the way it should, and that you don’t have to put in extra energy to push it along.

To check your tire pressure, purchase an inexpensive tire gauge from your local bike shop.

With the tire gauge in hand, take off your tire’s dust caps, place the gauge over the nipple, and test the pressure. Add or release air accordingly.

Here’s a video to break the process down further:

5. Protect Your Bike From the Elements

How to maintain an e-bike


E-bikes have delicate electrical components, so it’s critical to keep them out of the elements.

This means keeping your bike in a cool, dry place that’s out of direct sunlight when the bike is not in use.

This prevents the battery from exposure to the elements and helps electrical components last longer.

6. Keep the Battery Topped Up

The power plug for an electric bike.

To keep your battery from wearing out early, keep it topped off as frequently as possible. Instead of letting your battery run all the way down before you charge it again, charge the bike after each ride, even short ones. This decreases strain on the battery and extends lifespan.

7. Maintain Your Brakes

A girl riding an electric bike with the brakes visible.

Care for your brakes, and they’ll care for you.

Simple maintenance activities, like cleaning your brake pads, checking the pads regularly for wear and tear, replacing them when needed, and tightening or loosening your brake levers accordingly are all essential for proper brake functionality, and will keep your e-bike safe for years to come.

To learn more about maintaining your brakes, you can read our post on the topic or watch this video for some additional tips:

8. Never Leave Your Battery Empty

The battery case for an electric bike.


With an e-bike, one of the worst things you can do is let your battery run down and leave it like that. In fact, this will void the warranty on your bike in many situations.

Instead, charge the bike within 24 hours of your ride, or once every few months if you don’t ride the bike very frequently. Also keep an eye on your battery level as you travel, so as to avoid running it down while you’re out and about.

9. Check Your Stem

The stem of an electric bike.

Your stem is the part of the bike that runs from your handlebars to your wheels and contains your bike’s suspension if it has it.

To ensure your bike is safe and stable to ride, you need to check this stem frequently.  If the stem is loose, tighten it accordingly.

Here’s a video to walk you through the steps:

10. De-Grease as Needed

De-greasing a bike chain.


While lubrication is essential for a smooth-to-ride bike, lubricant and grease can also build up into an oily film that makes your bike prone to infiltration by dirt, dust, and grime.

With this in mind, de-grease your bike accordingly. You can buy de-greasing formulas at your local bike shop. Once you’ve purchased a formula you like, use an old toothbrush to work the formula into the area between your chain links and then wipe the formula off with a clean rag.

Better E-Bike Maintenance Starts Here

E-bikes are fun, efficient, and exciting. The better you maintain them, the more likely they are to last a lifetime and keep you safe throughout.

Simple things, like checking and tightening your bike stem, keeping an eye on your tire pressure, oiling your chain and greasing your bearings, and keeping your battery charged, protected, and dry are all essential maintenance duties for e-bikes.

Have any additional questions about e-bike maintenance? Let us know in the comments!

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