How to Fix a Broken Bike Chain

How to Fix a Broken Bike Chain

Do you know how to fix a broken bike chain? If not, you may be placing yourself at risk for a biking disaster!

Imagine this: you’re riding along one day, pedalling your bike up a steep hill, almost to the top, and then you feel a SNAP! and your pedals suddenly start spinning without any tension.

What went wrong?

More likely than not, you broke your bike chain.

While this is a common occurrence, it’s a disappointing experience.

Luckily, knowing how to fix a broken bike chain means you’ll be back in the saddle (literally) in no time at all.

Read on to learn more!

 How to Fix a Broken Bike Chain: 5 Simple Steps 


While it may seem like learning how to fix a broken bike chain is difficult, it’s a simple task if you understand how to do it and are prepared.

Even if you’ve never fixed a bike chain in your life before, these five steps can help you learn.

 1.Gather your tools

The first step in fixing a broken bike chain is gathering the tools you’ll need to make the repair possible. Luckily, you’ll only need one tool to do the job: a chain tool.


How to Fix a Broken Bike Chain


Available at virtually any bike store or online, a chain tool is a compact little device that comes in a multi-tool set.

If you don’t have a chain tool, you can use pliers and a hammer, but a chain tool will be significantly easier.

2. Get prepared to get dirty

While fixing a chain is a simple job, it’s also a messy one. With this in mind, it’s best not to wear nice clothing you care about.

If you’re at home, change into a t-shirt and pants that you’re okay with covering in chain oil. If you’re out somewhere, consider locking your bike up and coming back to it later.

3. Evaluate the break in the chain

Next, it’s time to evaluate where and why your chain broke. To do this, flip your bike over and rest it on its seat and handlebars. This provides you with easier access to the chain and makes it simpler to identify the problem area.



Once you’ve done this, find the area where the chain is broken. Depending on why and how the chain broke, either one or both ends of the break will need to be repaired, so now is the time to identify the damaged side.

When you’ve found the segments that need repair, you’ll need to remove two segments of chain from the damaged side. To do this, insert the end of the chain tool into the chain (See image below) in the section you want to detach.


4. Remove the damaged segments

Once you’ve inserted the chain tool fully into the chain, turn the screw at the end of the tool to start separating the chain from its pin. Keep in mind that you don’t want to remove the pin entirely – just push it far enough out that the chain segment detaches.


 5. Put the chain back together and pedal away!

The next step in learning how to fix a bike chain is to reattach the segments. First, you’ll need to direct the chain back to the sprockets. This can be difficult on your own but just go slowly. If you have another person around to help you, that’s a bonus.



Once you’ve rearranged the chain on the sprockets, use the chain tool to replace the chain pin. Once the chain pin is driven home completely, take the segment of chain you just fixed between your fingers and wiggle it a bit until it becomes flexible enough (it will be stiff at first) to move around the gears.

At this point, you’re ready to go! The next step is simply to ride away!


How to Fix a Broken Bike Chain


A Helpful Video on How to Fix a Broken Bike Chain

If you’re still having trouble learning how to fix a broken bike chain, check out this helpful YouTube video:


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