10 Hybrid Bike Accessories Everyone Needs

Hybrid bike accessories serve many purposes. On the one hand, they make a hybrid bike look unique, and allow you to personalize it to your style and preferences. On the other hand, accessories like racks and storage platforms can make the bike more functional, and make errands like getting groceries easier.

If you’re on the hunt for the hottest hybrid bike accessories of 2017, look no further than these ten exciting options.

10 Hot Hybrid Bike Accessories to Pick up Today

Whether you’re a commuter cyclist or a dedicated biker with a mountain bike, hybrid bike, and street bike all to your name, these ten bike accessories represent critical additions to your collection.

  1. A Bike Trailer
  2. Hybrid Bike Accessories: Pull-behind bike trailer.Sure, panniers are perfect for everyday jobs, but what about those times when you need to carry something bulky, heavy, or awkward?

    Enter the bike trailer.

    Designed to mount to the back of your hybrid bike, either on the seat post or the frame, a bike trailer looks a little bit like a baby carriage.

    Featuring thick, road-worthy tires and stable design, a bike trailer is an ideal addition for urban commuters who use their bikes like a car.

    Curious which option you should buy? Check out the Burley Travoy Bike Trailer.

  3. A Top-Tube Pack
  4. Top-tube bike pack: hybrid bike accessories. Most hybrid bikes on the market today come with a water bottle holder and maybe a rack.

    Both of these are well and good, but what if you want to keep some items within safe grabbing reach?

    If you’re that kind of rider, look no further than a top-tube pack.

    Just big enough for a cell phone, a pair of sunglasses, camera, and other small objects, a top tube pack secures in the space between your frame and seat post or, alternately, your frame and stem.

    Outfitted with secure, weather-resistant straps and durable canvas bodies, top-tube packs are ideal for commuters or pleasure riders who want to keep snacks within an arm’s reach, and avoid the inconvenience (and safety threat) of bending down or backward to reach them.

  5. A Basket
  6. Hybrid bike accessories: bike basket. Baskets are paramount to bike culture.

    Fill them with flowers, baguettes, puppies, or what have you!

    You can also use them to catch your everyday essentials.

    Ideal for catching loose items during a short commute, a basket is a perfect place to store a few groceries, a pair of sunglasses, or an extra layer during a day ride.

    Flexible, compatible with various types and styles of bike, and attractive, baskets are easy to find and simple to set up.

  7. LED Lights
  8. Lights are essential for both safety and visibility.

    In addition to ensuring other cyclists and motorists can see you while riding at night or in low-light conditions, good lights also illuminate your way home and keep you from having a wreck in a pothole or other uneven road space.

    For best results, look for low-profile lights (a bright white option to face forward on your handlebars, and a blinking red one to face backward on your seat post).

    Low-profile lights decrease the likelihood that you’ll snag something on them. They also keep the profile of your bike looking sleek and modern.

  9. A Good Helmet
  10. Hybrid bike accessories: bike helmet. Did you know that wearing a helmet as you ride your bike can reduce your risk of sustaining a head injury by 85%? If that’s not a great reason to purchase a helmet, we’re not sure what is.

    If that’s not a great reason to purchase a helmet, we’re not sure what is.

    By far, one of the best hybrid bike accessories you can purchase is a helmet.

    Available in a wide assortment of sizes, colors, and styles, it’s possible to find something that matches your unique taste and style. Just be sure that whatever option you choose has all the needed safety ratings.

  11. A Strong Bike LockHybrid Bike Accessories: bike lock.
  12. A great bike lock keeps your hybrid bike safe from theft and tampering.

    If you routinely park your bike outside or on a public street, opt for a sturdy variety reinforced by steel cable or chain.

    Today, there are dozens of options available that are both lightweight and secure. Look for one that’s long enough to lock your bike comfortably without rubbing the paint against the bike rack.

  13. A Bike Rack
  14. Hybrid bike accessories: bike rack. If your hybrid bike didn’t come with a rack, buying one can make it a much more functional machine.

    Designed to sit over the back wheel and attach to the seat post or frame, a bike rack is a perfect place to lash a few books or a coat.

    To make your rack even more functional, look for one that’s compatible with canvas panniers or bags.

    These bags hang off the side of the rack to clear your bike’s wheels.

  15. Spoke Lights
  16. While all bikes need Hybrid bike accessories: spoke LED light. front and rear-facing lights, you can add some additional visibility to your ride by investing in spoke lights. Designed to attach to the spokes of your bike’s wheels, spoke lights create a unique optical spectacle as you ride at night, and make you increasingly visible to passing traffic.

    Designed to attach to the spokes of your bike’s wheels, spoke lights create a unique optical spectacle as you ride at night, and make you increasingly visible to passing traffic.

    What’s more, spoke lights are available in a wide assortment of colors, which means you can customize your look accordingly.

  17. A Bell
  18. hybrid bike accessories: bike bell. A bell mounted on your handlebars is the perfect way to alert pedestrians of your presence, or say a friendly “hello” to the neighbors.

    Modern bike bells come in a wide assortment of styles, ranging from modern, sleek options to vintage-looking red models. It’s easy to find one that suits your style perfectly.


  19. An Updated SeatHybrid bike accessories: bike seat.
  20. Most modern hybrid bikes come with cushy seats designed for comfort. It’s easy to give your bike a unique look, though, with a custom or after-market seat.

    Seats are available in materials ranging from weathered leather to canvas. They’re also an easy way to dress up the look of your bike quickly and simply.

Improve Your Ride Today

Any of the ten hybrid bike accessories on this list will help make your bike more comfortable, functional, and attractive, so grab something that catches your eye today.

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