How Much Do Hybrid Bikes Cost?

Hybrid bikes are the best option for riders who want one bike that performs as well for urban commuting, speed and distance riding, and cross-country touring.

What You Need to Know before You Buy a Hybrid Bike

Technology and engineering has raised the bar for cycling and bicycle enthusiasts. With so many options, it’s tough to choose the perfect bike. If you ride in a variety of conditions, you’ll want a bike that combines the best elements of mountain, touring, and road bikes.

You’ll want to choose a hybrid bike when your riding style calls for:

• Easier, more efficient peddling
• Speed-oriented riding position
• Seating designed for distance riding
• High pressure tires for both speed and distance

To find out more about what hybrid bikes are and if it’ll suit your riding style check out the brief video below:


How to Buy a Hybrid Bike Online

Buying any bike online is much different from buying in a local bike shop. First you can’t try it on for size, so you’ll need to know what size is best for you before you order online.

Second, you need to determine if you can assemble the bike yourself or if you’ll need to find a local shop to assemble it for you.

And finally, what about warranty service? You’ll need to know if you’ll be able to get local service or if you’ll need to ship the bike back to a manufacturer. Follow these tips to ensure you have a simple ordering process and worry-free assembly and warranty service experience.

1. If you don’t already have a bike or your current bike is the wrong size, start by taking some measurements. You’ll need your height and inseam measurements – check out a bike sizing chart  for this.
2. Buy your hybrid bike from an online retailer that also offers the option for local assembly. Either the base price will include assembly at a local bike shop that partners with the retailer or assembly is priced separately as an additional option.
3. Select an online retailer that provides links to manufacturer’s warranty pages and offers extended service warranties. Research the manufacturer to make sure that they have local partners who can provide warranty service.

Which Hybrid Bikes do Cyclists Prefer?

We took a survey of some of the best-selling and top-rated hybrid bikes and here’s what we came up with. There are hybrid bikes to fit every budget and riding style. The top 20 best sellers range from $119.00 to $749.95; while the top rated bikes range from $329.00 to $999.00. Schwinn models appeared most often in the best seller list and Diamondback showed up most often among the top rated hybrids. Below is a survey of the 7 most popular models.


Best-selling Hybrid Bikes

Schwinn Women’s S3045TR Fahrenbrook Hybrid Bike

Priced at $119.00 this 16-inch retro frame bike is made for all-weather cycling. With 7-speed, alloy brakes, and swept back handlebars, the Fahrenbrook is built for upright riding with smooth shifting and precise stops. It comes with full fenders and a large rack to secure your belongings.

Schwinn Capital 700c Men’s Hybrid Bicycle and Schwinn Odana 700c Women’s 16 Hybrid Bike

For $239.99 to $260.99 the Capital 18-inch fitness cruiser has 21 speeds for great riding on more terrains. The Capital is built on an aluminum frame with Shimano EZ-fire Shifters and rear derailleurs, plus alloy V brakes on front and rear. The softer seat, suspension seat posts, and Schwinn suspension for create a smoother more comfortable ride. The Capital also includes a lifetime warranty. The Odana 700c is the 16-inch equivalent of, and has the same features as, the Capital 700c.

Diamondback Bicycles Kalamar Complete Hybrid Bike

With mid-range pricing at $279.99 this geometrically designed bike is optimized for neighborhood and park riding. With 21-speed Shimano shifting, upright handlebars, suspension seating, and a sturdier alloy frame, you’ll ride the Kalamar with less muscle stress and better road visibility.

Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Men’s 26-Inch 7-Speed Sport Hybrid Cruiser Bicycle

At the middle range of $399.99, this highly versatile bike combines the best of commuting and touring functionality. The low frame allows for easy on-off. The upright handlebars and forward seat make for a comfortable ride. It includes fenders and rack to make short and long journeys a pleasure on any type of terrain.

Top-rated Hybrid Bikes

Diamondback Bicycles Women’s Vital 1 Complete Hybrid Bike

With lower range pricing of $279.99, the Vital 1 rides well on the path and on the pavement. With Shimano 7-speed shifters, high tensile steel frame, and geometric design for extra comfort on long rides, this hybrid offers good value for versatile riding conditions.

Lombardo Siena 100L Commuting Bike

Starting at $460.77, Siena is top-rated because it’s available in both a women’s 17-inch and men’s 19-inch Hi-Ten Tig steel commuting frame. It’s is perfect for commuting and touring with Shimano RevoShifters and TX35 6-speed rear derailleur.

Head Revive XSM 700C Hybrid Road Bicycle

$539.99 is the cost for this aerodynamically designed, lightweight aluminum hybrid. It’s top-rated because there are more size options including 17- and 21-inch women’s, and 18- and 22-inch men’s models. Revive XSM features the SR Sun tour Nex Suspension Fork, Vitoria 700x35C tires, and Promax MV 295I aluminum front and rear brakes.


Find a hybrid bike online and get ready for an adventure. If you decide to buy a used hybrid bike, consider an auction site like E-bay. If you’re buying a new hybrid bike, consider an online retailer like Walmart. These larger retailers offer the widest selection of price and style, along with the best options for delivery, assembly, and warranty service.

You can also check out our review on the 12 best hybrid bikes you can get on the market today. We go into further depth about various things you need to consider when making your purchase – making it easier for you to make your buying decision.

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