What is the Ideal Hybrid Bike to Buy?

Hybrid bikes are quickly becoming one of the most popular modes of transport for commuters and hobbyists alike.

The unique combination of a mountain bike and a road bike make the hybrid an incredibly versatile option.

Whether it is commuting and city riding, light touring and slight off-road, or just cycling around the local park, it could be the option for you.

For the amateur cyclist, hybrid bikes offer a good mix of comfort and performance without breaking the bank.

The thinner sleeker wheels will help the bike to travel faster on flat and smooth surfaces like roads, while the stability and comfort of the mountain bike frame will make light off-road much easier.

There are many different kinds of hybrid bike, each one offering its own take on the mountain/road combo.

The one you choose will be entirely subjective and will depend upon what you plan to do with your bike.

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GT Transeo

If you want a solid hybrid bike that excels more at off-road then the Transeo could be the choice for you.

The thick mountain bike tires coupled with suspension will make those rocky tracks and bumpy roads much more comfortable.

The trade off, of course, is that it will be much slower when it comes to smooth roads due to the reinforced frame and chunky tires.

There are a lot of options when it comes to the Transeo, covering a wide variety of budgets, so spend some time and pick the right one.

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Pashley Sovereign 

It’s not the fastest bike, and it’s not the cheapest, but the Pashley is definitely worth your consideration. It’s big and it’s slow, but it’s a great ride.

It is a heavy bike, so if you want speed then keep looking. But if you want a cool looking bike that will stand the test of time, consider the Pashley.

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Specialized Sirrus

Specialized Sirrus offer a great range of mid-high  priced bikes. Their basic model is an aluminium framed hybrid bike which offers a very nice ride.

It offers straight steel forks which will give you more of a comfortable ride on bumpy roads. It weighs about 12kg, so you are losing some speed there, but with hybrid bikes you can’t have it all.

They come with a set of all condition tires, which is ideal for standard puncture protection. It doesn’t look amazing, but it’s a solid hybrid that is able to do most things.

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Specialised Sirrus Elite Carbon

If you have a bigger budget you can forget about Sirrus’ standard hybrid. The Elite Carbon is expensive, but it is worth it.

As the name suggests this bike is made using high quality carbon fibre, making the frame durable, yet light. It is packed with other great components like the hydraulic disk brakes and specifically designed bike geometry. It is described by the manufacturer as “comfort meets fitness.”

If you are looking for a bit of everything then this bike is the all-rounder for you.

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Trek FX Hybrid Bike

The Trek brand offers a solid selection of quality bikes across a wide range of prices. Their cheapest hybrid bike is the Trek 7.1 and that will give you a straight steel suspension fork and an aluminium frame.

This is an ideal choice for the casual cycler or city commuter as it offers great value for money. You’ll be able to get up to a decent speed, and the upright riding position will increase comfort.

Each model up will offer you significant upgrades which are definitely worth considering. The 7.3 model, for example, retails with Disc breaks. It is cheaper to get the components you want on a bike when purchasing it, as opposed to upgrading later down the line.

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Giant Roam 4

The Roam 4 is one of the cheapest hybrid available on this list, but don’t let that put you off.

Giant have built up a great reputation over the years and even though this bike is cheap, it feels like it’s higher end.

It comes with 40mm tires, allowing for a comfortable and stable ride. It’s not the fastest hybrid out there, but it is solidly built and will stay in a good condition longer than the other cheaper hybrids.


When it comes down to it there is only one way to know if a bike is right for you, and that is to hop on and test it out for yourself.

Buying straight from the internet will definitely be a cheaper option, but if you are unsure it might help to head down to your local shop and have a chat with someone.

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